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Detailed Description of our Services

Hazardous Clean-up

Dealing with waste takes special care, and SEG is a mid-south leader in the Solid and Hazardous Waste Compliance and Management services for both existing and proposed facilities. We also evaluate municipal and industrial waste streams to find any special problems with handling, transporting, landfilling or incinerating so they can be dealt with early in the process.

SEG personnel perform most of the on-site hazardous waste cleanup functions. We utilize a network of qualified, permitted suppliers which provide transportation, treatment, or disposal costs when permitting and regulatory requirements allow such treatment.

Specific Hazardous Waste Cleanup Services Include:

  • Environmental Waste Cleanup
  • All Hazardous Waste Cleanup
  • Municipal Waste Cleanup
  • Industrial Waste Cleanup
  • Medical Waste Cleanup
  • Landfill Waste Cleanup
  • Sewage Waste Cleanup
  • Incineraor Waste Cleanup