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Detailed Description of our Services

Specialty Coatings

Insulation Coatings

SEG uses an expansive line of insulating and damping coatings that have changed the manner in which engineers and designers in the industrial, marine, commercial and residential markets insulate and protect surfaces. These innovative specialty coating products create an alternative means to insulate for thermal and sound protection through easily applied, long-lasting coatings. Instead of using one type of coating to fit all applications, we use an array of products which are specifically engineered for its individual application to insure that the specialty coating performs to its maximum capability. These specialized thermal insulating coatings can serve a broad range of applications in a non-hazardous, enviro-friendly formulation. Its sound damping coatings can effectively dampen sound translated through substrates to protect equipment and personnel.

Thermal Insulating Coatings: These specialty coatings are specifically designed for applications on rooftops, warehouses, barns, storage areas, mobile homes, portable buildings, residential homes, trailers, containers, coolers, walls, and sheds. In addition to insulating, this product have an elastomeric seal to help protect surfaces. This product is formulated from the best in cross-linking acrylic systems to provide insulation and protection for years to come. This product is UL listed and is Class A fire related.

Industrial Coatings: Our industrial coating products are used for thermal retention, personnel protection, and CUI abatement. These coatings are capable of producing dramatic temperture differentials on surfaces from sub zero to 400F (204C). The industrial coatings we use are Class A fire related. Also, we have industrial coatings which are no-VOC, non-toxic, and non-combustible coatings. These coatings work to reduce condensation by forming a nearly-solid thermal barrier, which is applied directly to the substrate or primer.

Sound Reduction Coatings

These specialty coatings are used to reduce structural noise transfer. This specific type of coating uses an unsurpassed sound damping technology to translate vibrational transfer into low grade heat. It provides outstanding reduction in decibels for its weight and thickness and is used for marine and industrial applications.

Asphalt Preservation

Utilizing cutting-edge eco-friendly products for asphaltpreservation. SEG uses asphalt products that are a proven alternative to costly pavement replacement. The asphalt products penetrate the older asphalts, becoming part of the surface and binding, sealing and protecting the asphalt from ultra violet degradation. This is a high-tech asphalt sealer for parking lots and driveways that is eco-friendly, avoiding the carcinogenic ingredients of other products.